Meet the Co-Parents

As far as fairy tales and “Hollywood endings” go, boy meets girl – boy marries girl – boy and girl have beautiful babies together and live happily ever after behind their white picket fence…..  Well….our story is not that kind of  ”love” story, but  it is a story of love, none-the-less.
Our story does have a lot of the above elements, but not in the way you might expect…and not in that same order.

We are “Co-Parents”.  We are not against traditional relationships but chose to go a different route than what was expected of us, while staying true to ourselves.

If you are not aware of our story, please review the links to the RIGHT that include our documentary and interviews.
We are here to not only share our story, but to possibly bring some together while educating others.  We are here to answer any of your questions and are open to giving advice if you so desire.  We will keep you updated on some exciting things to come leading up to a very special event for us in October 2012.  <wink>.

(Photo above taken on the night we first met - Thanksgiving night, 2011)
Love, Fabian and Dawn
Phone: 402.201.8225

First Contact - One Year Later

FABIAN:  "One year ago today (June 13th) I made first contact.  One year ago today I sent out a short message of only nine words.  Sent to a lady behind a lovely profile photo - a stranger I came across on a Facebook co-parenting page. 

The words, simple and straight to the point...

"Are you seeking a co-parent?  What is your location?"

DAWN: "I wasn't on the co-parenting Facebook page for more than a few days when I received an intriquing, short and most unexpected message from a guy whose photo I recognized from a co-parenting website.  I recognized him by his noticably high cheekbones and dark hair! I responded with stunned anticipation...

"Hi Fabian, I am. I live in Nebraska. What is your location?"

Dozens more messages, Skype chats and video taping from two sides of the world, would soon follow and lead us to the most unexpected adventure of our lives.

ONE YEAR, 365 DAYS, 8,076 HOURS LATER...this introduction has led to the most profound and unique friendship of our lives, reminding us that taking those first simple steps to reach the stars actually can bring light and life into a person's future.


In anticipation of Baby Blue's first Halloween 2012. 

Thank you Mona K Photography ( for a fun Sunday afternoon!

Introducing.....Indigo Claire - Born October 3, 2012

Indigo Claire

Giving Thanks, November 2013

After a few short months of 1001 "get to know you" questions via Skype from Melbourne and Nebraska, we had our first face to face meeting 2 years ago on Thanksgiving night.
2 months later we conceived a little miracle. 
We are grateful not just one day out of the year, but all 365.
If you believe it, feel it and see can manifest it!

Co-Parentiversary, June 2014

On June 13, 2011, 3 years ago, we made "first contact" online. This day officially kicks off our third of many Co-parentiversary celebrations that will lead up to our Co-parenting Vow Ceremony FOR INDIGO in October 2014.

Our parenthood experience has been no Disney Princess ride in the magic and downs, self discovery, self improvement and many hills and valleys but in the end, it is because of Indigo that these soulful experiences will make both of us stronger and better people for her and others.

No mater what distance we may currently be at now or in the future, we are very much committed to making our elective co-parenting voyage a positive and uplifting one for our sweet Indigo.  We are all doing well and collectively planting seeds for the future.

Love, Fabian and Dawn